Carnival in Alsace

Carnival in Alsace

A Mosaic of Festive Traditions, Celebrated at Maison 1934 in Colmar

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Alsace, a cultural crossroads in the heart of Europe, is a living spectacle of Carnival traditions. At Maison 1934, our BnB located in charming Colmar, we invite you to experience these unique festivities where the influences of France, Germany and Switzerland mingle.

Origins and history Carnival in Alsace, with its roots in pagan rites, is an ode to the renewal of spring. These festivities, enriched over the centuries, incorporate medieval elements and diverse influences, creating a rich and colorful celebration.

Celebrations in Alsace: Rhineland Influence and Local Charm Staying at Maison 1934 during Carnival, you’ll be immersed in a world of colorful parades and elaborate costumes. The influence of the Rhineland Carnival is felt in its satirical humor and grandiose parades, while Alsatian tradition adds its own unique touch.

The Basel Carnival and its impact on Alsace The Basel Carnival, with its captivating Morgenstreich, also influences festivities in Alsace. The “Cliquen” from Basel, with their drums and instruments, breathe a spirit of mystery and solemnity into our local celebrations.

Gastronomy and Gourmet Traditions Beyond the parades, Carnival is a feast for gourmets. At Maison 1934, you can enjoy “Fasenachtskiechle” and “Schankalas”, typical Alsatian delicacies, while discovering the culinary specialties of the Rhine Carnival and Basel.

Cultural and Social Impact This blend of Rhineland and Basel Carnival traditions creates a unique Alsatian Carnival, reflecting the diversity and shared history of this European region. It’s a time to celebrate culture and social cohesion, highlighting Alsatian identity while building bridges between neighboring cultures.

Here’s a look at some of the iconic celebrations:

  • Venetian Parade in Riquewihr: A spectacular event that transforms the streets into a tableau of color and elegance.
  • Cavalcades Nocturnes: magical evenings in towns like Rhinau and Seltz, illuminated by glittering floats and costumes.
  • Carnival Cavalcades: Traditional parades take place in several towns, including Cernay, Mothern, and Sundhouse, featuring colorful floats and lively music.
  • Carnaval de Mulhouse: an urban celebration with a unique festive atmosphere.
  • Carnaval des Machores in Sélestat: An unmissable event that captures the joyous spirit of Alsace.
  • Cavalcade Internationale in Saverne: A spectacular experience with an international twist.

In addition to these annual events, the region is also influenced by traditions such as the Basel Carnival (Morgenstreich)a not-to-be-missed event for those seeking a unique night-time carnival experience.

During your stay at Maison 1934, you’ll have the chance to explore Colmar’s rich local gastronomy, cultural heritage and picturesque architecture. Our BnB combines comfort, history and easy access to the festivities, offering an authentic Alsatian experience.

In addition to these events, take advantage of your stay at Maison 1934 to explore Colmar’s local gastronomy, cultural heritage and unique architecture. Our BnB offers an authentic Alsatian experience, combining comfort, history and easy access to Carnival festivities.

Book now to guarantee your place at the heart of these unforgettable celebrations.

Carnival in Alsace

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