Tea rooms

Tea rooms

An institution not to be missed by gourmets

“Have a coffee or a Café Kuchen is a traditional Alsatian snack between lunch and dinner inherited from Germany: whether it is a beautiful homemade fruit tart or an artfully decorated pastry chef’s masterpiece, a piece of cake accompanies any self-respecting coffee at this time of day!
There are countless variations of cakes in Alsatian tea rooms and cafés: from the Black Forest cake to charlottes, crottin, opera, Paris-Brest, Saint-honoré, éclairs, to the many types of tarts or strudel, generally prepared with fresh fruit (mirabelles, blueberries, etc.)…
If coffee and its pastry is an integral part of the Alsatian way of life, perhaps it’s because making someone a cake – whether for a party, a birthday or just for fun – is a typically Alsatian gesture of love.

The Artemisia

10 Rue des Écoles
Opening hours : 10:00-18:00 (closed Tuesday and Wednesday)

The Boudoir

15 Grand Street
08:30-18:00 (closed Sunday)

Yann’s workshop

11 Pl. de la Cathédrale
08:30-18:00 (closed Sunday)

Virevol’Thés & Gourmandises

2 Rue Rapp
09:00-18:00 (closed Monday and Sunday)

The Essence of Tea

38 Bis Rue des Marchands
10:00-18:30 (closed Sunday)

Grand’Rue Tea Room

80 Grand’Rue… in Strasbourg! (a place we love)
8:30-18:30 Tuesday to Saturday

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