Traditional recipes

Traditional recipes

Find yourself in the farandole of exotic names


You visit us and wish to discover the Alsatian gastronomy? They are worth the detour! You probably already know the famous sauerkraut, which you imagine to be too rich, and the tarte flambée, which are essential dishes of the region.

The Alsatian bonhommie is not a legend and she takes advantage of these tasty dishes, in joy and good mood!

Here is a small list that you can already practice pronouncing:

Alsatian pasta: spaetzeles

Did you think that good pasta was only available in Italy? Well, Alsace offers a delicious and different version because here the pasta is prepared with eggs and is called spaetzle, from the word “Spatzen” which means “sparrows”, to accompany our generous meat dishes in sauce.

A pot of vegetables and several meats: baeckeoffe

You will find in this typical Alsatian dish :

  • three different meats (beef, lamb, pork);
  • various vegetables (carrots, potatoes, cabbage);
  • flavored with onion, herbs and white wine from Alsace.

These ingredients simmer together for an entire day.

Braised knuckle of ham… with or without gravy!

Ham is a classic of the Alsatian tables which is declined as well plain, as with honey, with mustard, with beer, or accompanied by a sauce… with munster of course! It is accompanied by potatoes and salad (for a touch of diet).

Fleischnakas, translated as “meat snails”.

Don’t leave us without tasting the fleischnackas! The stuffing of pork and beef with herbs or tomato, depending on the version, is rolled in a noodle dough and traditionally consists of the previous day’s stew. It is pan-fried and then cooked in a broth.

The dish that needs no introduction: the sauerkraut garnish

Even if it is the most famous dish of Alsace, you should not deprive yourself of it! Sauerkraut is made of fermented cabbage, potatoes and various pieces of pork: bacon, smoked collar, palette, knacks, Montbéliard or Frankfurt sausages. It is added and accompanied by horseradish (Alsatian wasabi) or mustard.

It is eaten with the hands: the flamed tart

This kind of Alsatian pizza is in fact a very thin bread dough, which is covered with thick cream, bacon and raw sliced onions. You can of course add grated cheese, mushrooms, munster cheese… or sauerkraut!

Baked in a wood-fired oven, the tarte flambée is very nice to share as an appetizer, as a main course and even as a dessert, as there is a delicious sweet version with apple.