Energy crisis: the price of gas has exploded!

How to cope?


Rising energy costs hit us hard


We rely on fossil fuels to heat our homes, which is not only expensive, but also contributes to the production of greenhouse gases.


We could pass on the increased costs through higher overnight rates and energy surcharges to offset our losses.


We chose not to add extra energy to compensate for our losses. Instead, we hope to be able to count on you to face this problem together:

We will face this challenge together

Reduce heating

Choosing the right temperature and heating only when necessary is the most important thing to do! Ventilate well, then track down drafts and prevent heat from escaping. Let in the heat of the sun.

Protect your apartment from the cold

Close shutters, curtains and doors in rooms that are not used often. Caulked, they will not suffer from temperature variations and will not risk flooding the rest of the house with colder air masses.

Save hot water

Remember to turn off the hot water as soon as possible so that it does not run unnecessarily. When you wash your hands, you can also wash them with cold water.

Unplug your devices

Electrical appliances left plugged in, whether turned off or on standby, consume unnecessary energy. Disconnecting phone chargers once the battery is full is a simple gesture to adopt.

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